As of today, 70% of our shipments are conducted through air freight and 30% through ocean freight. Air freights emit about 500 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer which is 47 times more greenhouse gasses than ocean freight. We therefore aim to increase our shipments through ocean freight to 50% in 2023 which would aid us in reducing our carbon impact and environmental footprint.

Additionally, we are currently offering fossil-fuel free shipping alternatives in the majority of our markets. This suggests eliminating the dependence on fossil fuels and finding sustainable alternatives. In 2023, we aim to be able to offer fossil-free shipping alternatives throughout all our markets.

In 2022, we also set up local warehouses. Aside from our warehouse in Sweden, we now keep stock in Germany and in the United States. These warehouses enable us to lower our carbon emissions by distributing locally and keeping our transport distances at minimum.

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